Baby Shower!

It feels like only yesterday I was planning the month ahead and already it’s here. It’s happened. The baby shower.

Apart from dinner parties and the occasional get together with friends. This is the first semi-formal event I’ve had to organise at home. And I’ve been a bit rubbish. Rushed as always. Of course I partly blame work – gets in the way. But all in all probably being a bit hard on myself. I did OK really! That’s the perfect housewife in me trying to get out.

The shower was set for 12pm – 3pm. Which was fine. But it meant that I had to really do everything in advance. There was 3 of us on the “committee”. Sarah in charge of gifts and telling mum-to-be as little as she needed to know; Magda who helped me set up and in charge of the all important dose of chocolate (for the baby) via double choc cupcakes that cost her a ridiculous £10 to make; and myself, playing host in the newly decorated conservatory.

So. For me. The most important item at any event is the food. So. Chocolate was covered. But being a keen baker and as I had proposed the theme of “English tea party”, I had, to of course, bake a Victoria sponge. To add colour. We needed blue and pink vanilla sponge cupcakes with shimmery topping. Plus, most importantly sandwiches and some other savoury items and to drink non-alcoholic pink bubbles and a selection of fruit juices and tea!

Plus, a couple of scones with clotted cream and Tiptree strawberry jam as it’s a sin not to!

Food done I had to think about decorations. Being a traditional tea party I wanted to keep these to a minimum. So all I did was tie some balloons so the front door and gate to help those finding the house and some baby shower helium balloons. I would’ve done a lot more, I just honestly ran out of time.

Then. In keeping with tradition. There was the games. Having only attended a baby shower 4 months ago in which the same people attended, I couldn’t do the same games again. So after trawling the internet I found a few ideas. To help all of you wives out there I will package up the games into pdf documents you can easily print off. Enjoy!

So all in all it went well. The gifts, were received well. We gave the lovely Sarah a jelly kitten baby lamb toy, a hooded towel with mittens, a little rabbit teddy, Sophie the giraffe teething toy, a spiral toy for the car set and a little outfit with hat. We opted against vouchers etc as we knew she wanted lots to open!

So it’s now saturday evening. House is empty again. Cleaned up already. Just had a naughty leftover scone – yummy. Victoria sponge is coming with me to the parents house tonight for tea. Leftover cupcakes if not polished off by hubby tomorrow to cheer up some hard-working colleagues on monday.

All in all. Thoroughly enjoyable and my cupcakes are improving although I really do need some better icing bags and nozzles.

Games – here are some PDF downloads.  I will add more very soon. . .

Finish the Baby Rhyme

A fill in the blank exercise based on famous childhood rhymes – answers enclosed

Guess the baby

A nice ice-breaker – each guess completes the card guessing the baby’s date of birth, time, sex and weight.  The host keeps hold of them and then announces the winner on the baby’s arrival.  Prizes are optional!

Baby Charades

As in the name, guests act out the scenario in the card.

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