Love is in the air

I love February. We’ve broken the back of winter, if we’re lucky a few daffodil shoots will start breaking through, evenings are slowly getting lighter and personally, I have a month of romance ahead!

Valentine’s day kicks of proceedings. Now I can’t say Andy and I go particularly over the top. But I still feel it a novelty to actually have a man I can call my own on this day – I think that comes from school days when everyone wanted so much to get a card on what was supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Andy and I believe the small gestures count most. Last year we celebrated with a McFlurry in Southend McDonalds and watching “Paul” at the cinema!  This year we are going out for dinner to a favourite restaurant of ours Cafe Rococo in Leigh, and for you – I’ll be exploring some nice small ways to display your affection for the man in your life without breaking the bank!

Shrove Tuesday (February 21)
I love, love, love this day. I adore pancakes. So much so we make a full night of it. I have been cooking the same pancake recipes for the last few years now and will share these delights with you. Pancakes need not be confined to sugar and lemon!


Anniversary (the day we met)
3 years ago I met my lovely husband. And I still think it nice to celebrate it. Call me sentimental. We won’t be doing a lot, but again I’m going to have a look at some nice ideas to show your husband how much you appreciate him. They’re simple folk – it doesn’t take a lot!

And on a domestic front.  I didn’t do so well decluttering the house in January, so that task continues.  I discovered a simple “Declutter Calendar” on which I can’t say I’ll necessarily follow to the letter, but isn’t a bad idea! 

Hubby and I are set to start clearing out the loft which contains years and years worth of junk. In turn I will probably fill it with new rubbish from my decluttering sessions.

I’m also set to discover some traditional, yet worthwhile, housewife tips. Starting with ironing! How to achieve hotel style crisp white sheets. How to make linen smell beautifully fresh. And some other ideas I haven’t yet uncovered!

To make the house feel a bit more spring like I’ll be potting some hyacinths and other sweet-smelling pretty flowers and dotting them around the house.

And outside … before spring is upon us, I plan on tidying up the front and back garden.  In preparation for some nice planting to take place and most importantly – taking on the Ivy that is slowly taking over our house!  Hideous stuff. Just a quick aside. I do not have a clue when it comes to gardens. So this year is going to be a real challenge for me in that arena. Any advice of what I should be doing when would be much appreciated.

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