“Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers.”

This is the month I have been looking forward to since the clock struck 12 on December 31st.

We have our first wedding anniversary, hubby’s birthday, hopefully some sunshine in between to do some gardening and then off on holiday which we have waited all year for – we really do need a break!


Wedding Photography – Simon Carr

I’m really looking forward to our first anniversary.  As our anniversary falls on the bank holiday, we have booked a small French restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea. We have often walked past and thought we must give it a try but it’s always closed so wrote it off. Alas, as I searched the internet high and low looking for that special place to spend our first anniversary, I found “La Belle Epoque” had a healthy selection of really positive reviews on Trip Advisor. Which answered my question as to why they don’t have a menu displayed in their window – typically french and hinting they must use seasonal fresh produce, they change it every week. So, immediately got on the blower and booked a table for two.

Now, in my old age I don’t get that excited about much anymore, but the thought that we are about to discover a culinary delight on our doorstep makes me tingle. Some people search for that pub they can call their local. I, on the other hand, have searched for that perfect restaurant where I have a “normal table” and the owner/come chef says as I walk in “oh Claire we have a new bottle of … you must try which goes beautifully with such and such dish or cheese”. Oh please let this be the one! It could make my year!  (Oh my god I’m pathetic)

Apart from that I’m going to be cooking lots, practicing my cake decorating skills, going to write an inventory for all our boxes of bits so we can actually find stuff, actually do the garden (which the rain in april seemed intent on stopping) and try to get organised. Yes, still trying!

May . . . Busy, busy, but great.


Dates to note in May:

May 7-14 – National Dougnut Week

Technically this is a charity event, however, in memory of the fatty within, I partake in a few – KrispyKreme anyone?


May 15-22 – British Sandwich Week

Any excuse to make a club sandwich and I’m there!  I’ll research some immense ones and post a few favourites, plus some photos of my own which I intend to constitute a tower of meat and cheese! 

May 29 – Oak Apple Day

Umm . . . looked it up on Wikipedia.  Not much to say about it, just thought is sounded more intriguing than it actually is!

“Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers.” –   Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, 1557

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