The Dairy Book of British Food

Just a quick dedication to a recipe book that is like an institution in the UK. I adore it’s retro photos, it’s warmth, it’s old fashioned charm.  Apparently housewives used to collect vouchers from the milkmen to buy this book.  Old School!

I wouldn’t dream of making some of the dishes in here as they are so old fashioned and we just don’t eat like that anymore – some I’ve never even heard of before – Tea Cream, Damask Cream, Boodles Orange Fool, Teviotdale Pie, Cullen Skink . . . . But some others are simply classic and should be part of every British family’s staple diet.

Quick book description
Introducing cooking from all over the British Isles, this book contains over 400 recipes and concentrates on recipes that make the best use of British produce. The book explains local ingredients and lists annual food fairs and festivals, as well as listing the recipes.


Available second hand from Amazon

ahumblehousewife’s favourite recipes:recipe image

  • Dorset Jugged Steak
  • Beef in stout
  • Pan Haggerty
  • Glazed Shallots (side dish)
  • Norfolk turkey breast with asparagus (a hubby fave)

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