Simnel cakes – my inspiration

Just thought I’d write a little tribute to my Grandad, Mr Witton.  My Simnel Cakes are kind of a tribute in sweet format, but here’s the reason why.

Grandad, known as Dick to friends, was a completely lovely man.  Married to my Nan, Moira, he was completely content, following retirement from the Navy, as a local baker in Tolworth, Surrey. I only recently found out that when he died all of his handwritten bakery cookbooks went missing.  We believe they were in his locker at work, but we unfortunately never had them returned.  So therefore, I’m going to write my own.

I remember the cakes and bread that Grandad used to bring home.  I remember the smell as cupboard was opened to reveal all of the “spare” loaves he had brought home, and the best bit – the white box.  The white box that was opened to reveal a treasure trove of sweet delicacies from mille-feuille to meringues.  Yummy.  And being only girl in the family, I got to have first pick – oh and return for seconds.

So Nan and Grandad Witton, this is for you.  Thank you for giving me my love of fresh-baked bread smothered in butter and cakes – of all shapes and sizes.  One day, I hope I’ll make you proud and be able to make something as beautiful as the cake in your wedding photo below.

The infamous wedding cake.
My grandad baked each tier whilst away at sea, he was a baker in the navy; and then returned the tier to be iced prior to his big day. Both my parents and my husband and I used the same knife to cut our cakes.
The Bridesmaids 

A proud new husband and wife – Mr and Mrs Witton

The wedding party

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