“T’is the last rose of summer . . .”

“T’is the last rose of summer, Left blooming alone.”

–  Thomas Moore, 1779-1852, The Last Rose of Summer.

September, the month of Indian summers, making the most of the last moments of warmth and for the home, getting ready for hibernation.

I have only just started to garden.  I really don’t know anything. Over the summer I managed some fairly simple tasks.  Planted some pots.  Didn’t kill anything.  Started a herb planter.  Moved some gravel.  But I didn’t realise how much there is to do in Autumn just to prepare for the year ahead.  So this month I’ll be giving you top 10 things to do in Autumn.


Food wise, this month we’ll be mostly dining Lyonnaise.  We’re off to the food capital of France for a weekend so I might be food bloggy and post some pics from our break.  Bring on the offal.

National cupcake week 16-23 September

Check out the fancy decorating techniques I learnt at Carroll Cupcakes in Chelmsford

Like it says on the tin. Gobble up all-you-can-eat cupcakes and enjoy baking and decorating them too.

Harvest Festivals

It’s that time of year to reap the rewards of our local farmer’s hard work.  So many beautiful fruits and vegatables will be in stock at supermarkets and best, the local country produce stores.  Plus, get on down to the local blackberry bushes and rustle up a blackberry and apple crumble.  Delish!


Amazingly Optomen spotted my Simnel Cake recipe on this little blog and now I’m going to be attending the filming of ITV’s new food based tv show Food.Glorious.Food.  I won’t be allowed to say much but I will post a little about the day on here.


But mostly, I wish you all an enjoyable September.  Enjoy the last of the sunshine.  And apparently we’re supposed to have a wonderful autumn for colour – so indulge in some autumnal walks amongst the ever changing landscape. xx

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