One Lovely Blog Award

Recently I was honoured to receive an email informing me that I had been awarded the “One lovely blog award” by Magda, from The Photographer Inside.

In order to accept and pass the award on I have to follow a couple of steps:

Step 1.  Thank the person who gave you this award :

Thank you Magda.  I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and hope you find it useful, perhaps not today . . . but tomorrow.

Step 2. Share seven things about yourself :

  • I used to sell log cabins in Finnish Lapland
  • I have a ginger streak in my hair that is natural – not out of a bottle!  My dad said it’s rusty sperm!
  • One dream of mine is to own chickens
  • I lived in Hungary for a year and can even speak a little Magyar!
  • I hope to one day write my own family recipe book
  • My first car was a Ford Capri, she was called Helga and I miss her!
  • The night I met my now husband, I thought it would be a turn-on to sing him the entire playlist of Jagged Little Pill!

Step 3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers:

In no particular order I wish to nominate this award to:

Congratulations all!

6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Many thanks for passing it on to me Claire! I loved reading these things about you! I cannot imagine what a good impression you must have made with your husband singing the whole playlist to Jagged Little Pill!! haha, made me giggle! xxoo

    • You’re more than welcome.

      I’m fairly new to wordpress, but am enjoying the sharing of worlds!

      I’m not sure if I gave that great an impression to hubby though – I think he thought I was a bit potty!

      I will enjoy keeping up with you via your blog. Xx

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