Warming Autumn Stews

October is now upon us which means ones thing: central heating. And what better compliments the nights drawing in, the windows hammered by rain and the unpacking of woollies and tights, than a lovely big bowl of stew.

Here are some of my autumnal favourites:

Boeuf Bourguignon – officially our favourite stew and a real treat.

Beef bourguignon – a Raymond Blanc classic. I have tried and tested a number of bourguignon recipes and this one is, I humbly believe, the best. The only thing I would recommend is adding a few sautéed mini onions or shallots as a garnish at the end (in addition to the bacon and  mushrooms).  So as I can’t alter perfection. Here’s the Recipe PDF: Boeuf Bourguignon. (just click to open).  I would also  suggest using blade of beef over cheek. Other than that. Enjoy. I’m salivating at the thought.

Beef and carrot – poor man’s beef bourg, quick and easy.  Recipe Coming Soon!

Beef in Guinness – just delicious

Chicken and tomato (Italian) – your low fat option.  Recipe Coming Soon!

Hungarian Kettle Goulash – packed with paprika to fire up your belly!  Recipe later this week!

Dorset Jugged Steak – simple and scrummy packed with beef, sausage and port. Oh yes!

Lancashire Hot Pot – Recipe coming soon!

All of the above can be served with veg, just a huge hunk of crispy bread or nokedli (hungarian mini dumpling things). Oh God I love this food.

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