Bittersweet October. . .

Bittersweet October.  The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the
opposing miseries of summer and winter.  ~Carol Bishop Hipps<!–, “October,” In a Southern Garden, 1995; CTO–>

Although I dread the thought of 6am starts in the dark and the nights closing in, there is something really lovely about October.  Out come the woollies, the scarves, the boots.  Walks amongst golden trees, kicking up leaves.  Sunday pub lunches with frosty cheeks.  And using the rain as an excuse to just laze about and watch old movies.

This October though will also be busy in the Batey household. Hubby is fitting a new bathroom, I’ve got to chop down the nasty bushes in the front garden, and it’s the month for all the following:

Start Christmas shopping

Yep.  It’s time.  Some people have already started.  But it’s time to make the first purchase, to at least spread the cost between 3 months.

Autumn garden tasks

Following on from my summer and September success, I will be posting my top ten tasks for October – which will mostly involve bulbs.

Comfort Foods

Woolly jumpers go hand-in-hand with stews and soups.  So I’ll be posting recipes of my favourite feel-good dishes.  Stews and soups that will fill your homes with aromas so sweet and wholesome, you’ll just want to snuggle on the sofa, put on your favourite childhood movie and doze off under a blanket.  Ahhhhh.

October 1-7: British Roast Dinner Week

2012 is the first ever British Roast Dinner Week.  It reminds me of Ramsey’s campaign for real gravy.  I’m now looking forward to Sunday, just need to decide which meat!

October 8-14: National Curry Week

I’m not a big curry maker, but I have discovered some “cheat” recipes for saag paneer and vegetable curry that hubby simply adores and make great mid-week meals to spice up a wet Wednesday!  It’s also a great excuse to get out there and support your local Indian restaurant – go on, treat yourself.

October 8-14: British Egg Week
Now, if you talk to my husband, he will be able to tell you that I am slightly obsessed with eggs – hence my wish to one day have my own chickens.  There is just nothing worse than a rubbish egg.  Best way, i think, to test the quality of an egg is by making scrambled eggs.  You can just tell if the chicken is happy by how yellow and creamy your eggs turn out.  So it’s safe to say, that week we’ll be mostly eating Eggs.  Check out  for more information.

October 15-21: National Baking Week

Another great excuse to get in the kitchen and mix butter with sugar and flour!  But this time for a great cause: Great Ormond Street Hospital. You might be interested in running your own bake sale to make a few quid for charity.  If so, you can download their Bake Sale pack from their website or here: NBW Bake Sale Pack!

October 21st – Apple Day

A simple excuse to celebrate the diversity of Eve’s fruit!  And enjoy a crumble with custard.

October 21st – Caravan & Camping Show

Yep – we’re visiting the Caravan and Camping Show with the folks.  Were supposed to be looking at trailer tents, but now I’ve discovered there’s a food tent with Paul Hollywood as guest speaker, and I can’t contain my excitement.  Must get his autograph and a photo with him and discuss soggy bottoms.

October 30th: National Sleep In Day

Fall back into bed for an extra hour as clocks go back


I might not be a child anymore, but I love Hallowe’en.  We will be visiting the Harry Potter experience, watching spooky movies and I will be baking something green to accompany the events.  One day, when I have little ones of my own, I so look forward to Hallowe’en decorations, parties, trick or treat outfits and more.

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet October. . .

  1. I knew there was a reason why I spontaneously did roast turkey for dinner last night 🙂 Great post Mrs. B. By the way, I read Cursed tickets went on sale last week.

    • Thanks Daryl. You had roast turkey on a monday – controversial?!? Why not, eh? I saw Cursed went on sale too. But Andy thinks it won’t be as good as we’ll know what to expect. I’m not sure. I’m sure I’d still scream! Are you going?

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