Campaign for Real Gravy

I must admit that when I first left home, I did have a carton of “mmm bisto” in the cupboard, but I very quickly discovered, it’s terrible. And there is no excuse for it! It’s just laziness.  And felt I had failed as a woman, a future housewife, by using it!My mum makes a mean gravy. And her mum before her.

I remember sitting on the floor mixing the gravy browning in a small blue cup that my Nan also used to wash her hair – yep, a bit weird upon reflection! Her gravy was just delicious and to accompany them, she could rustle up, effortlessly, the biggest and most delicious Yorkshire puddings – which she would always recommend for afters as well with jam and ice cream, because that’s what they do up north!

So, soon after I discovered how completely terrible fake gravy was, I decided I had to learn how to make the real stuff. Of course at the same time I had to learn how to really cook a roast dinner – which was easier said than done.

The biggest problem with a roast is that everything ends up having to be served up at the same time so it’s always a frantic rush. Note to self for Christmas is to figure out a better system – especially as I recently volunteered as Christmas dinner host. Hmm.

So. I’m not going to blog about how to make the perfect gravy. If someone asks, I will tell! There are so many blogs, recipes and articles about it. All I want to say is that a roast dinner is not complete without real gravy. It is nothing but disappointment.

So, next time you consider a roast, especially this week for National Roast dinner Week, throw away the “not-so-mmm-Bisto” and make something proper. Make Real Gravy!

Check out the Campaign for Real Gravy Website

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