October – Garden Tasks Top Ten

Octobers the month of garden preparation – and I can’t believe how much I’m supposed to be doing.  I thought this gardening lark was supposed to be quite relaxing.  As if!  I probably should have a much longer list than just 10 things.  But who has the time.  I have one weekend to do the garden chores for this month.  This weekend is going to be manic!

Here’s October’s top ten garden chores!

Illustrated by Niff Nicholls
from http://www.saturdayeveningpost.com

  1. Move shrubs that have outgrown their position or are in the wrong place and plant new.
  2. Pot up herbs to bring under cover for winter use
  3. Lay turf or plant lawn seed.  Weed & Feed lawn when completed.
  4. Plant out spring bedding, including pansies, wallflowers, forget-me-nots and tulips
  5. Rake autumn leaves from lawns and pick out from around border plants. Collect fallen leaves from under rose bushes so they don’t carry diseases over to next year.  Collect the leaves and compost them.
  6. Bring garden hoses and sprinklers under cover for winter to avoid damage in freezing weather
  7. Mow lawns less frequently now grass growth is slowing down
  8. Pick ripe apples and pears
  9. Plant out garlic cloves
  10. Plant new fruit trees and bushes

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