Beautiful Blogs

As I sit at my desk, I dream of being in my kitchen, or just generally being at home, doing what I do best. Pottering. Cooking. Caring for the hubby.

As 1pm strikes, I quickly phone Andy to exchange work side gossip and words of sweet-nothings. Followed by running back to my desk to write my blog, plan dinner or baking projects, and stare in awe at the following websites.

They are beautiful and I just long to be able to go home and create some of the delights presented. Sometimes I become so inspired, I cannot help but buy kitchen implements or plan a weekly meal plan around what I discover.

I am just so completely jealous of those who can cook and blog, cook and write, and cook some more for a living. As I sit here at work dreaming away, with my back to the window on a beautiful October day (cruel), those of you who cook, write, eat for a living: You don’t know how lucky you are!

(I believe some of these websites are created by those in similar positions to me, but I have included them too as they’re still completely inspirational).

A blog by Rosanne from Dublin, who is content with baking living in her cosy home.  My kinda girl.  Check out her beautiful baking recipes, full of nostalgia.


The Pink Whisk, by Clemens – Manic Mummy Baker Extraordinaire! Girly and glam rebelling against a houseful of boys, you’ll know her from the very first series of BBC2′s The Great British Bake Off; the clever girl came second and has since changed her life – even writing her own book.  Buy it here.


A blog all about a wife and mum who loves wine.  Fabulous.  She started as a supermarket wine buyer and now runs her own wine business.  Her blog shares her wine knowledge in the hope that other knackered mothers would be interested in what’s in her glass at the end of the day.  I certainly am.


As I read the “about” page, I completley connect with “thewishfulhousewife.”  I, more than know, how she feels.  She also longs to be a “blissful housewife,  passionate cook and writer.”  I can only hope that one day her dream comes true.  But in the meantime, check out her blog, in order to support her goal, and try out some recipes.


Bake Me I'm Yours... Sweet Bitesize Bakes by Sarah Trivuncic

A fabulous collection of baking recipes.  Connecting to a lovely collection of recipe books (buy them here).


A lovely blog by Iris, “lover of food and beautiful things for the home. Passionate about fuss free baking.”

It features delicious goodies baked by Iris, and she even has an online store for all of her cookie mixes, bakeware items and practical partyware.  Beautiful!


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