This post is not for guys . . . but ladies, read on. My good friend Jane tells the tale of the bra fitting! And the ill-fitting bra.

Before I start this post, I am issuing a disclaimer. I am going to be discussing breasts. More specifically, I am going to be discussing bra sizes. I have deliberated about how much information to share, and whether or not sharing my actual bra size is too much information. This is basically a warning to you, that if you are scared of breasts (I’m thinking about one particular gay male friend in particular) you might want to stop reading.

This particular item has survived two birthday lists. In other words, it has taken me almost two years to get around to actually doing it. I have never had a bra fitting in my life. When it came time to start wearing a bra, I seem to remember my mum just sort of guessing what size I was and buying me a bra that seemed to fit. Obviously, over the years…

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