Frustrated Housewife – How to keep your black jeans black

Dorothy Perkins
Black bootcut jeans
Price: £15.00
Colour: Black
Item code: 70195501

Right.  I’m fed up!

I recently purchased two pairs of the jeans shown above.  They were cheap as chips (plus fit lovely) as they were actually in the sale so I managed to acquire them for just £12 each!  Bargain.  And I know it’s probably just because they were cheap, but alas, after the first wash, they were greying around the pockets etc.  Sooooo disappointing.

I actually bought these jeans for work.

We have a funny old rule where I work, just for my department, no blue jeans allowed . . . but no one said anything about black jeans (hehehe).  And these are really nice as they even have a neat crease down the front, which makes them just a bit smarter.  Add a black jacket, a pair of heels – who’s to say that’s not smart?  I’m not wearing a hoody afterall.

But bearing that in mind, it means that I want them to stay as black as possible for as long as possible.  As soon as they start to grey, it will give the game away – OMG, she’s wearing jeans.  Rebel!

So, how on earth can I a) keep them black or b) restore them to their former glory.

How to keep them black

  • Wash your jeans in cold water. Apparently this helps reduce dye bleeding.
  • Only Wash with other black clothing – especially new black clothing or black clothing that has a tendency to bleed. Which I do already, but this is a tip for all those who don’t!
  • Never put them in the dryer. The fastest way to fade colors is putting them in the dryer. Allow them to line dry instead.
  • Don’t wash them after every wear.  Unless you’re very, very dirty!  This will also help the jeans from not fading.

How to restore jeans (or any other garment for that matter)

  • Mix a bucket of cold water with a tablespoon of black fabric dye. Soak your jeans then let them dry. Then machine wash on cold.  Or – you can buy little sachets to just add to the powder compartment of your washing machine.  Just make sure you follow the instructions supplied.

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