Today I’m guest blogging on my good friend Jane’s blog “Is That You Darling” – and it’s all about Hallowe’en. Stuck for Children’s Hallowe’en party ideas, check out this week’s post. Even includes a spooky playlist!

As I am working away from home for the next few days, I have asked a couple of my lovely friends to do guest posts for me. Today, Claire, a relatively new blogger and a good friend of mine from school, brings you all the ingredients you need for a great Hallowe’en party. Check out her blog for lots of lovely recipes and tips for being the best housewife (or husband) you could ever wish to be!


I can’t recall how old I was, but while at primary school I had a close knit group of friends and to compliment us, our parents all became close friends too.

We attended summer BBQs, school fetes, sports days, firework displays, quiz nights, all sorts together. The mums all supported each other, the dads talked DIY and football (my poor dad would nod politely as he’s a motorsport man, believes sport is only…

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