In addition to ideas for throwing a baby shower, if indeed you are the mum-to-be and fancy doing something for your friends in return, check out this beautiful way of saying thank you – reasonably priced, easy to do, but ever so cute.


It feels like only yesterday I was planning the month ahead and already it’s here. It’s happened. The baby shower.

Apart from dinner parties and the occasional get together with friends. This is the first semi-formal event I’ve had to organise at home. And I’ve been a bit rubbish. Rushed as always. Of course I partly blame work – gets in the way. But all in all probably being a bit hard on myself. I did OK really! That’s the perfect housewife in me trying to get out.

The shower was set for 12pm – 3pm. Which was fine. But it meant that I had to really do everything in advance. There was 3 of us on the “committee”. Sarah in charge of gifts and telling mum-to-be as little as she needed to know; Magda who helped me set up and in charge of the all important dose of chocolate…

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