November – Garden Tasks Top Ten

I must say, this November, I have been fairly successful with my top ten list.  The front garden is almost complete (and looking quite nice I think).  And I have almost finished planting up the bulbs (may have bought a few too many, is it possible to keep some for next year???).

I did have to replant my pansies this weekend as they were attacked by the foxes.  Any ideas on how to stop foxes digging up the garden would be much appreciated.

So, here are November’s top ten tips.  It still doesn’t seem to be quietening down.  Surely December, I’ll have nothing to do?I?

  1. Plant heathers and trailing ivy in pots for winter colour
  2. Finish planting tulips
  3. Deadhead pansies regularly to keep the flowers coming
  4. Move containers of shrubs or winter bedding to a sheltered spot when conditions turn very cold
  5. Plant new rose bushes
  6. Transplant shrubs that have outgrown their position
  7. Repair fences and trellis now they are becoming free of foliage.  Choose a dry day to treat them structures with stain or preservative
  8. Avoid walking on lawns covered with frost (I didn’t know that!)
  9. Collect fallen rose leaves that could carry diseases over to next season
  10. Hang bird feeders over rose beds to attract birds to pick off overwintering pests

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