Julie’s Christmas Pudding

Christmas pud

This year my employer (Burrows) put together a lovely e-Christmas Card, entitled “the Christmas Snowflake”

“It’s said that every snowflake is different.
The same can be said of the boys and girls at Burrows,
& their experiences of this festive time.”

Within the scene, there are a number of falling snowflakes. When one clicks upon a snowflake, a small screen appears revealing staff favourite Christmas movies, funniest moments, songs, best gifts and Christmas memories.  The following memory really pulled at my heart strings. Written by Julie, our own lovely, smiling receptionist. She recalls her favourite family Christmas tradition, the Christmas Pudding.

Christmas Pudding 1

As a little girl, the excitement of Christmas for me was the family Christmas pudding.

Well before I was given the special glittery Advent Calendar on the first of December, before the boxes of decorations came down from the loft and well before the Christmas tree was bought for the living room.

For me, the excitement all started when my mum began her preparation for the Christmas pudding.

Bags of fruit, flour, glazed cherries, brown sugar, treacle, Guinness and spices, etc.

This gorgeous Christmas smell wafting from the kitchen larder of a large covered mixing bowl (marinated for some days) with this special Christmas mixture.

To me, this meant Christmas was coming.

The rich smell of fruit, spices and a touch of brandy (Father Christmas’s special Christmas Eve drink) made it all the more exciting and magical to me.

Then at last, the special evening came.

We would sit round the kitchen table to ‘stir and wish’ this ‘special Christmas mixture’.

Mum would guide my hand with hers over the wooden spoon handle, this special mixture was far too rich and heavy for little hands to stir on their own.

“Make sure your eyes are closed” mum would say, while she helped me stir.

“Stir three times and remember, make that special Christmas wish.”

All of us, in turn, would stir this special Christmas mixture.

And yes, we all made that special Christmas wish…

We must have, as our family Christmases were sooo magically special!


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