Burrows Buddy

My "Burrows Buddy" pic by Magdalena Mahdy (thephotographerinside.com)

My “Burrows Buddy” pic by Magdalena Mahdy (thephotographerinside.com)

This year, the company I work for, turns 50.  To celebrate, the “social committee” are running a number of events throughout the year.

For January, we were all challenged to draw, bake, sculpt a Burrows Buddy.  So we had to pick a colleague’s  name out of a hat, and create that person.

Magda, cleverly, created the image above, and I really love it.

In turn, I picked out our CGI Creative Director, Robin.  Now Robin is notorious for being able to sense a cake, or chocolate or biscuit.  He doesn’t even need to smell them.  If there is a treat to be had, Robin, will appear, like a ninja, through the darkness, and pounce on the tray where they may be laid.

So, obviously, I had to give him the opportunity to eat his own face!

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I cannot take credit for the style.  I found the most brilliant cake topper tutorial on Bake Happy.  Aikko’s cupcake faces are just perfection.  I thought might turned out ok, but check out these brilliant cake toppers.  She kindly offers easier versions as well.  So, give it a go.  It’s great fun.  And eat your own face.

3 thoughts on “Burrows Buddy

  1. Haha, that is quality. Firstly, what great work Magda did on your picture. Loving the kitchen style. Can’t believe she picked the person right opposite her to draw out nearly 170. And what an amazing cake of Robin. I just love that phrase “I had to give him the opportunity to eat his own face!” That made me smile and chuckle. Bet they tasted lovely. 🙂

    • Hey Daryl. Mag’s didn’t actually pick me out of the hat. She just felt sorry for me as whoever did, was one of the minority who couldn’t be bothered to take part – not cool Daryl. No cool! But I think Robin liked his cakes. I made two. So he took them home so his better half could eat his face too!!!

      • Definitely not cool is it?! That’s good you got “Buddy’d” though. I’m sure they loved them – and was probably even more satifying for his “better” half 😉

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