Victorian Mini Cakes

mini cakes_humble_12

Yesterday I attended a Victorian Mini Cake Course at Gourmet Cupcakes in Chelmsford.

mini cakes_humble_1

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with some other lovely, like-minded ladies.

mini cakes_humble_14

We decorated 6 cakes in total during the day. Covering everything from piping royal icing, creating cameos from moulds, stencilling, sugar paste roses and piping royal icing leaves. We also learnt how to cut and ice them.

mini cakes_humble_3

My favourite styles are the rose and the delicate purple flowers. These two will certainly become part of my regular repertoire! And could easily be adapted to cupcakes or larger cakes.

mini cakes_humble_2

Would I recommend the course?
Yes I would. It wasn’t cheap! But it was a full day. The lovely Gourmet Cupcakes ladies supplied everything from the ingredients, to equipment, to tea/coffee, to cake pops made from the mini cake off cuts. And we did learn a lot in 6 hours, taking away 6 cakes, all decorated completely differently.

mini cakes_humble_5

We also received copies of their recipes and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the cake. I tasted one this afternoon, and it was extremely moist and tasty. I was concerned it would be too dry, especially as they only used the tiniest amount of butter cream and the cakes were in the fridge for some time before icing with fondant, but I stand corrected. They are yummy. Thanks Gourmet Cupcake ladies!

mini cakes_humble_6

This Easter Monday I have tried out adapting their sponge recipe to create my own Summer Berry cake, photos to follow, and although I haven’t bitten into it yet, it feels exceptionally moist.  Cannot wait to cut into that later . . .

mini cakes_humble_7

All in all, I must say, I was quite surprised how easy some of the decorating techniques were; especially the piping. Not the dots. The lines. They were quite easy (don’t judge the wobbly bits for a first go) and I think they look really effective. Probably not my choice of colours, but it’s a pretty cake, don’t you think?

I’m now looking forward to putting my new-found techniques to use on future cake projects.  And if you have been thinking of taking a cake course, do!  They are enjoyable. You get to meet new people [one of whom I’m definitely keeping in touch with as we had way too much in common, to the point of spooky*], learn new tricks, get to ask first hand advice from the professionals, and come away with a few lovely creations to impress family and friends with.  So why not?  Have a look at the range of course Gourmet Cupcakes have to offer.

*I must also help to plug her cupcake business, Louise’s Cupcakes based in Chelmsford.  She’s just starting out, but is doing splendidly.  So if you have an upcoming event, contact Emma to place an order.

mini cakes_humble_8



4 thoughts on “Victorian Mini Cakes

  1. They are so beautiful. It would be hard to make yourself eat them after taking the time to craft something like that. Everything was made beautifully in Victorian times. Glad you enjoyed the courses.

    • They were hard to eat, but mostly as they were so big! They’re called mini. They look mini, in the photos. But really, I think they are too big for individual portions. If I were to make them again, by myself, I would reduce the size by a 1/3 at least. But they are very pretty, and I’m very proud of them.

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