Because it would have been a lie (part two)

Recently I revealed why I had been quiet on the blog front for a while.  Now it’s time to reveal part two of

The Batey Masterplan

Baby Batey

AKA The Hitchhiker

Yes – that’s right.  Baby Batey is on the way.


On December 8, or thereabouts, we expect to welcome into the world our bundle of joy.  And I cannot wait.

So a Humble Housewife, will become a Humble Mum.  And already I have so many plans for this blog.  I refuse to get sucked into the buying everything on the Mothercare website.  Our Mums and their Mums and their Mums before that didn’t have Top-and-Tail bowls (had to google what they actually were), or video monitors; so do we really need them?  There are some things that I’m not going to do without because I know they really will make my life easier, and I’m sure our Mums and Grandmothers would have been so thankful for them (I’m not getting rid of the washing machine for example); but there are some things that I really believe are just a money making ruse.

So, I want to uncover what a mum really needs.  And also, some of the ways our Mums and Grandmothers used to do things.  I want to go back to basics.  So yes, I’m thinking about using reusable Terries nappies (in fact my nappies from when I was a baby), breastfeeding, making my own baby food, buying second hand, not buying fancy muslins and more.  I’m excited about my journey, and what I’ll learn.  And I do hope to be able to share that with you.

I think you can probably now understand why we’ve been a bit busy.  We don’t do things by half!

Baby on the way.  House move.  Did I mention that the house we’re buying really needs a lot of modernisation?  And the deadline is obviously, December 8!  If not before.

But I have Handy Andy.  And here I must give him some praise.  He really is taking on a lot.  A pregnant wife, and a very large project.  But I know he can do it.  Love you petal.

7 thoughts on “Because it would have been a lie (part two)

  1. I shall enjoy the journey with you. I love your thoughts, I was the same, no unnecessary purchases, we used real nappies, breast fed exclusively, home made food & a happy routine x

    • Ohh – that’s good to know Jennifer. I might be coming to you for advice. If you have any advice on the nappies that would be much appreciated. In regards to your routine, what you used to clean them etc. xx

      • There’s plenty of mums out there ready to help. You’ll be a great Mum. It’s really nice to hear you’re going back to basics. If it was good enough for our folks and those before them, then why not?! Looking forward to reading your future posts 🙂 xx

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