Baby Bargains @ Aldi

I’m not ashamed to say that today I was a woman/mum-to-be possessed as I charged down the aisles at Aldi to grab some bonza bargains.

For any mums-to-be who have bought nothing so far (like me), here’s what you can pick up for silly money!

aldi offers

Maternity Nursing Pillow – £9.99

Mothercare equivalent £24.00

Nuby Grip’n’Sip™ Cup – £1.99

Amazon price, £6.79

Tommee Tippee First Cup – 99p

Amazon price, £1.99

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Bowls 3 pack – £1.99

Asda price, £2.98

Tommee Tippee Feeding Spoons 6 pack – 99p

Amazon price, £2.99

Tommee Tippee Food Pots and Lids 3 pack – 99p

Amazon price, £4.49

Baby Wipes Multipack 4 x 64 pack – £2.49

Huggies equivalent, £3.50

Avent Newborn Starter Kit – £9.99

Amazon price, £28.00 (when full price, currently on sale for £14.00)

Aldi Total: £29.42

Brand names: £74.74

Aldi Saving: £45.32

I think you would all agree that is a monumental saving.  So if you’re expecting, get down to Aldi now before they all go.  By the way, there’s much more than what I bought, check out the Aldi website for more details.

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