Little finds from around the Big Batey House

Every renovation project has its surprises, and ours has been no different.  Not only have we found a few gremlins, like split floor joists and the lack of earth wiring, but we’ve also found the following, some beautiful and some just a bit odd!

Above: An artichoke globe which flowered in our back garden.   A lovely surprise.

apple cucumber

Above: An apple cucumber.  There was a little harvest of them in the greenhouse.  Tastes like a cucumber, but with larger seeds.  Interesting!


Above: The racing pigeon that continued to make himself a nuisance when we first moved in.  I’m unsure why, but he thought it was OK to just come into our home whenever he liked and continuously made himself at home in our garage.  He’s gone now.  But it was funny watching Andy chase him out of the house!  Flap flap flap!


Above:  A bizarre kind of underlay.  Strangely, underneath the master bedroom carpet, we found two complete puzzles.

wallpaper collage

Above: Here’s a collection of some of the wallpaper we discovered.  You can almost plot the last 80 years of interior design through these patterns, colours and textures.  My favourite is the bottom left.  This was actually a beautiful wallpaper, would have been lovely for a boys nursery.

wall gravity

Above: One of the best things about removing old wallpaper is finding wall graffiti.  This was created by the previous owners son in the 70s.

panel collage

Above: Under the alcove decoration, we found the previous owners John Hancock dating from 1968.

cavity insulation

Above: And my favourite.  Whilst the builders were preparing the old outhouse to take the new roof and then become our new utility room, the exterior wall decided to collapse.  Within the cavity, they discovered the above.  1970s insulation?  Items included a particularly retro looking coke can, a milk bottle, paint brushes, and strangely enough a national insurance card and provisional drivers’ licence!

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