The Big Batey Household – where are we now?

I have been a naughty girl when it comes to my blog. I’ve been neglecting it. BUT, I hope, once you read this you’ll be less harsh on me!

So. What have us Bateys been up to?


Completed Family room/kitchen

The Home

Well, we’re almost there. The house is more or less finished. We have some general finessing to do, but the building work is complete and the decorating is finished. Now we’re making the house a home. I do promise to tell you the full story of the build, as we learnt a lot from the experience and I might be able to stop others making the mistakes we did, so I will share our story ASAP.


Completed Kitchen

The Garden
The mission. Haven’t really started that yet, but oh my days that’s going to be a task. We have sheds to knock down. Trees to cut. Plants to move. Chickens to buy. It will be a forever project.

The Businesses
We’ve launched, not one, but two businesses.

ab and sons final web quality

The number 1 (the breadwinner), my husband’s decorating business, Andrew Batey & Sons. Specialising in residential decorating around the Tyne Valley area. The second is my small home baking business. The start of the Humble empire: The Humble Cake Company.

Andy’s decorating business seems to be going really well. We’ve established a lovely group of clients, with some lovely projects.

A recent completed job - a boys bedroom complete with bespoke wallpaper

A recent completed job – a boys bedroom complete with bespoke wallpaper

Andy’s the caring decorator! Following on from our own dire experiences of workman, we wanted Andy’s USP to be, that he cares! From his Festool sander that extracts 95% of the dust, to how he cleans as he goes, we wanted to ensure that our customers never feel that their house is not theirs. That they’re doing nothing but dusting. Andy’s even super quick with the quotes, as we know it’s important for customers to start planning.


Then me. I’ve finally got my dream. I’m a housewife, married to a super fella; living in an idyllic location and now … I’ve just started my own home baking company.  Check out the goodies I create on my facebook page.

purplespring cc1

Oh. And … Last but not least …

The Baby
Since I was last blogging, we have welcomed into the world the most delightful little person. Our Harry.


He’s a complete joy. We still pinch ourselves daily. He’s 5mths old. We’re about to enter weaning territory. Cannot wait for that! Here come the recipes!!!

I can quite honestly say, he has made my life complete. I feel I have it all. How I have changed. I’m now so content doing nothing but staring at him for most of the day. He is such a little character. He makes his Dad and I so proud. I look at him now, as he’s getting older and I can see his little mind at work. He’s thinking all of these things. I cannot wait for him to start telling me what’s going on in there. He’s truly a miracle!

And that’s it. Not much eh?

But now I’m back. I promise. Lots more to come from me. Probably some rubbish as I feel the need to blog during a 3am feed (thank God for WordPress mobile) and probably something of interest. We’ll see.

In the meantime, why not help us out. Like our Facebook pages.  And, can I be greedy?  Please share them too!
Andrew Batey & Sons
The Humble Cake Company
We’re only just starting, so all the support you can give is doubly appreciated


One thought on “The Big Batey Household – where are we now?

  1. Wow I just read this blog before I head to bed. I am so so happy things are now absolutely perfect for you guys. Nothing short of what you both deserve after all the hard graft and effort you put into everything you do. Well done and great to see the blog being back in use 🙂 love from down south xx

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