Stop Press: Southend’s all about cake!

This week the Southend Echo includes a fabulous feature all about cake.  My kind of read!

What makes it even better . . . Yours truly is featured too!!!!

southend echo 150514_cropped_rt

The Southend Echo delved into the archives of my little blog to find a piece I wrote on Victoria Sponge cakes over 2 years ago.  It was one of my first ever blog posts and it was right at the start of my culinary and baking journey.

It was in 2012 that my husband and I got fat!  We’d been married for a year and I had been working on my culinary skills, trying to perfect the Boeuf Bourguignon and working through the Ripailles cookbook.  But in January 2012 my love for baking sky-rocketed.

“I’m this size because of you!”

That’s what I would hear as my husband tried on a favourite shirt that no longer fit. Whoops. But he didn’t seem to complain when I served up each weekly creation. In fact the only time he did and does complain is when there’s no pudding. He looks like a disappointed puppy when there’s no treat on offer!

So. Since then, we’ve come some way. Andy has his waist back now he’s decorating again full-time. And I’m baking for a living. And I can safely say, at The Humble Cake Company we only make the most delicious, moist sponges. No pancakes here unless their served with lemon or syrup! Oh. Or cheese – check out this recipe!  Scrummy.


PS – the lovely photo of me in the article, that was taken by my good friend Magda over at Love That Smile Photography.  The Echo forgot to credit her – bit naughty!

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