Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. – From the movie An Affair to Remember I cannot believe that a year ago I started this little blog of mine.  So much has happened, and yet in comparison to … Continue reading

Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry

“Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry” – Barbara Dale I think we can all relate to that.  Whether a working woman (9-5 sense) or a full time Mum/Housewife (24hr sense).  Laundry seems to be a never-ending, … Continue reading

Lessons Learnt

“Wives are young men’s mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men’s nurses.” 
– Francis Bacon
 This is my post of discovery – The lessons learnt since May 7 2011. 

I swear I didn’t possess this wisdom until I married.  It’s like how when you become a mum your saliva is suddenly magic; when you become a wife you somehow acquire insightful knowledge. 

(Hubby is clearly still in training as the only thing he needs to understand is to say yes dear but these words still seem to be omitted from his list of vocab).

I’m sure some of these points of learning will ring true with the millions of wives out there, but for all those new to marriage, I thought I would share the small amount of wisdom I have picked up in this short time.  I hope, with time, there will be more to come and/or deleted if they turn out inaccurate!

So, what is Marriage? . . . 

  1. It’s telling him you love him every single day
  2. It’s always kissing each other goodbye and hello
  3. It’s knowing when to stop Nagging
  4. It’s hating your husband but loving him all at once.
  5. It’s having an argument and him sleeping in the spare room, but you still make him his lunch and leave a love note on the kitchen chalkboard
  6. It’s calling each other names but being secretly turned on by how he is when he’s angry
  7. Its being all forgiving although you know you’re right – it’s just as important to keep the peace as prove you’re right – women naturally have to swallow their pride but your man will realise it in the end, he just won’t tell you when he does.
  8. It’s suggesting an idea and having it rejected immediately, but having the patience to wait for him to think about it and realise that it’s not so bad – now this one is interesting,  as depending on the man he could: a) bring it up two months later and acknowledge your suggestion, as it wasn’t so bad (I’m lucky as this is how my hubby works) or b) pass it off as his own, in which case just congratulate him on his wonderful idea!
  9. It’s letting him sulk while you take out your anger scrubbing the oven, smashing plates or hitting the gym.
  10. It’s knowing when to throw down the dish cloth, grab your coat, grab your man and take him on an overdue stroll and glass of vino or hot chocolate
  11. It’s still celebrating valentines and the day you first met
  12. It’s being his secretary – knowing your diary and his
  13. It’s knowing where he left that tiny piece of blue wire that would one day come in handy and doing well to refrain from throwing it in the bin
  14. In fact it’s know where everything is, even when it’s right in front of his face!
  15. It’s accepting his team is his life
  16. It’s admitting when you’re wrong.
  17. It’s not turning into your mother
  18. It’s not acting like his mother
  19. It’s accepting this statement is true: you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom (Jerry Hall)
  20. It’s ensuring life doesn’t get mundane and stale.
  21. It’s not brushing things under the carpet
  22. It’s having dinner at the table and catching up on each others day
  23. It’s not taking your work home with you
  24. It’s accepting you are a women and therefore superhuman and have special powers such as being a mind reader, able to do 10 things at once, able to juggle full-time job still make home-made food and keep house.
  25. It’s being naturally capable and mindful of how to do every household chore and every housewife secret even though your mum never taught you.
  26. It’s accepting that you never will be perfect, in your own eyes (as we always see room for improvement), but realising that to those who love you, they already think you are – so don’t be so hard on yourself!


“You never know anyone until you marry them.”


Celebrating the twelfth night (or not)

I can’t think of anything more depressing.  Some people like returning their house to normal.  Me – I love Christmas.  I love twinkle lights and pretty trees.  Tonight, I’d much rather be eating minced pies, drinking mulled wine and admiring the beautiful baubles I hunt tirelessly for every year. Instead I’m taking down all of our Christmas decorations and packing them carefully away for the rest of the year and dreading what comes next. 

The diets. The workouts.I used to be a gym addict. 5 times a week. Some times three hours a day. Buns of steel. Well nearly. Then I met Andy and instead it was cinnamon buns and three hour stews! Since we married I’ve put one a whole stone. But I’ve so enjoyed putting it on. The baking.  The roasting.  The glazing.  But apparently Andy’s put on a whopping two stone. All from my addiction to cooking rich French food. So alas. It’s coming to an end. Not only Christmas but my addiction. Bring on the healthy cook books. Sob sob.

So January.  What else do we have to look forward to?

Apparently from the 8th of January it’s Universal Letter Writing week, so I’m going to put pen to paper and say thanks to all those who were kind enough to send me nice Christmas presents.  Plus, I honestly feel these days people don’t even bother to check their mail.  Either they get everything by email or in the post it’s just junk mail or bills.  So once in a while it’s nice to see something land on your doorstep nicely hand written and with some positive words enclosed.  I’m not saying what I’ll be sending will be anything special, I’m not into all that handmade card business – I did that for our wedding and it was quite frankly painful, but maybe I might learn one day, at least for special birthdays or occasions – we’ll see where this perfect housewife road will take me.

From the 23-27th it’s Clean out your inbox week.  My work inbox isn’t too bad really, I have on average 45 emails in there a day which need answering.  I know the status on all of them.  My personal inbox though, oh my days.  8126 emails.  Can you believe that?  So, this year.  I will be celebrating this new international holiday and will be determined to deal with at least half of them. 

(It’s January 27th – just spent the whole night going through my emails and got them down to 555 – I’m so proud.  My husband thinks I’m silly!)

29th January – 2nd February is Meat week – and I will be looking forward to that.  A brisket perhaps.  Or some duck.  I will be sure to post some inspirational recipes for you all.

And then, back in the homestead, Hubby will be fitting us a new downstairs toilet.  Since we moved in, this poor loo has featured a leopard skin cover fitted by his ex.  I cannot say I will be sad to see this go.  It’s bloody hideous.  I will need to take a photo before it’s taken away to help expose its vulgarity.  So, that will be nice.  More dust to look forward to as walls are ripped apart and I’m sure there will be plumbing episode or two, but at the end of it, we will have a nicely working toilet downstairs for any visitor to frequent – currently they are banished to the upstairs loo as no one is allowed to use the vulgar “builder’s loo” except builders and people who stand to pee.

Then, I think, this will be the month we may finally finish the kitchen.  After months of searching for suitable tiles, we have officially given up and decided to just paint the backs of the kitchen units, covered by a piece of glass or Perspex above the cooker to aid cleaning.  I can’t wait for this to be finally finished.  My kitchen is my joy.  When I moved into Andy’s house, this was where all my money went from my flat sale.  It was what made the house ours. We knocked down walls, put in a brand new kitchen and added a conservatory.  Andy has done a wonderful job decorating.  It really looks beautiful.  And I love cooking in there.  I feel like a cross between Nigella and Julia Child! 

And lastly, I will be hosting my first ever baby shower for my work colleague who’s baby is due in March.  I will be sure to post any successful game ideas, food thoughts, and gifts to help any others who maybe planning similar events.  It seems everyone is having babies at the moment. 

Apart from that, January is the month for hibernation.  So I will be mostly staying at home, developing my mind . . . watching TV box sets and snuggled up on the sofa drinking cocoa.