humble food

A Humble Housewife believes in humble food.

I hate pretentious food.

Instead a humble dinner includes proper portions, wholesome, feel-good food, all served with a side of love.

I love cooking. I love hearing “mmmm”, “yum”, “is there anymore?”

There’s something just so lovely about sitting around the table at the end of the day, sharing stories over a delicious home cooked meal. I think it’s a really important part of the daily routine and something that is often overlooked in modern families.

The ethos behind all my recipes is simple and tasty. There’s no silliness unless I really think it’s worth it (like praline – has to be done), no ridiculous ingredients, if something is on the pricey side I’ll make it clear it’s for a treat, and the steps given will be tried and tested so you shouldn’t go wrong.

As I also have a full-time job, I understand the balance required for quick fixes after work, handy dinners you can cook in bulk and those special meals that you’re happy to spend a whole afternoon on. So there’s a bit of everything on here. I also understand the importance of a balanced menu, so there will be a few suggestions for all occasions.

I hope that as I learn my housewife skills, we’ll be able to develop some fabulous weekly food plans that you can adapt to your own tastes and budgets.

But all in all I hope you enjoy trying out some of my recipes. I have!


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