September – Garden Tasks Top Ten

As I slowly adapt to my new green fingers, I’m trying to understand how certain tasks can only take place at certain times of the year.

So. Welcome to my monthly top ten things to do in your garden. Hopefully there won’t be any in December as it will be bloody chilly!

  1. Plant evergreens
  2. Plant tulip bulbs.  If they are “dry” bulbs you should leave them in a cool, airy place  out of reach of mice until you can  get them planted. If you haven’t ordered your bulbs yet, make it snappy before stocks sell out.
  3. Lift and pot up tender perennials
  4. Clean out water butts and check downpipe fittings
  5. Clear away faded summer bedding and annuals
  6. Sow hardy annuals in borders for earlier flowers next summer
  7. Prune roses
  8. Tidy borders by cutting down perennials past their best
  9. Trim lavender as it finishes flowering so it looks like a grey hedgehog – just 2-3inches tall. Then in February (or March if the weather is revolting), they will need another light trim and away they go.
  10. Prepare ground for any new grass seeds or turf