It’s pancake day. So here’s my favourite pancake recipe. Cheesy and naughty. Enjoy


pancakes retouched5

This pancake recipe is now a family tradition every Shrove Tuesday, followed by the normal lemon and sugar version for pudding – quite a lot of food for a Tuesday night, but we love an excuse to be over indulgent.  Plus, I must warn you, it’s not cheap to make – the cheese required is expensive, but it tastes fabulous – for a treat, it’s so worth it (it’s only once a year after all!)

pancakes retouched2

So, if you fancy joining us for a cheesy delicious feast, this is how to do it.  It serves 4.  As Tuesday night is a work night for most of us, you can make the pancakes in advance and freeze them.  Just layer the pancakes between sheets of baking paper, wrap in cling film and foil.  You can do this up to a couple of months in advance.

This recipe serves 4.  And takes 35…

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